Unique Motorcycles

  • 2015 Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster

    Ever since is Pierre Terblanche became head of design at Confederate Motorcycles now all the creations that come out of manufacturing plant are masterpieces, in terms of absolutely everything, in terms of looks, performance, ride and handling abilities. Thats is a new model of Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster.

  • 2016 Midual Type 1

    His arrival is expected only in 2016, in the world of motorcycles characterized by unique appearance, luxury and power, that knows no existing engine or chassis components, and his name is Midual Type 1.

  • APWorks - Light Rider

    Airbus German subsidiary APWorks took the opportunity to with bionic algorithms define the organic frame structure of the new motorcycle. Whit this aerospace approach made the excellent characteristics that are reflected in the superb stiffness and guarantees optimal use of the material. Name is Light Rider.

  • BMW F 800 R Predator by Vilner

    To set challenges without no boundaries it shows exceptional and unified model BMW F 800 R Predator by Vilner. Improvements have been made on most elements of motorcycles and 17 new details were made 9 of carbon and chromium-plated 8.

  • Jaguar Motorcycle

    This motorcycles it was inspired based on the Jaguar car logo. On it to see the brilliance, the perfect design, attention is focused on every individually detail and is made by Masscow Concept Cycles.

  • KR GT-1 Arch motorcycle - prototype

    And now for something interesting! If you did not know the actor Keanu Reeves as a big fan of motorcycles is also the co-owner of the company that manufactures motorcycles, namely the Gard Hollinger of LA County Choprods fame and motorcycle enthusiast, was founded by Arch Motorcycle Company.

  • Lauge Jensen by A. Kahn Design

    Uniquely designed Lauge Jensen - A. Kahn Design cafe racer that will be made only ten units and is intended exclusively for the British market.

  • Lazareth LM 847

    This is the story of a French company (her name is Lazareth) that might not be so well known to a wider circle of motorcyclists but that has a good reputation, which is to say earned showing their rebellious or rather eccentric models.

  • Motul Onirika 2853 Concept

    Like any motorcycle show that marked some interesting creations or new models and 2016 Verona Motor Bike Expo is no exception and is presented to an exceptional model named Motul Onirika 2853 Concept. This concept is based on the existing model of the Italian MV Agusta Brutale 800.

  • New FB Mondial Hipster

    Here they are again on the pages of motorcycle news but now with the new FB Mondial Hipster whose appearance shall prescribe its retro style and therefore target a specific category of customers. It is a combination of old school and new technology that will certainly delight small but specific a group of motorcyclists.

  • Segoni Special G800 Oro

    The Florentine brand Segoni is a historical name for the Italian motorcycling, which is 70s fasteners strong Japanese aggregates with a specific motorcycle frame. Their first motorcycle was Segoni K900 from 1975, with the engine from Kawasaki Z900, in that honor now presents Segoni Special G800 Oro.

  • Tron Light Cycle

    None of us motorcyclists who did not wish a unique and exceptional motorcycle at least for a moment, that the transit and leave the passionate impression on all the encounters. This is a short story about the Tron Light Cycle, which has Paul Andrews, who as many of you know, is one of the most well-known automotive collectors in America.

  • Vanguard Roadster

    Here now we are talking about a very interesting and futuristic motorcycle that work is made of Edward Jacobs, who is also the co-founder of Vanguard manufacturer with place, no less than in Brooklyn.

  • Vardenchi T5 Custom Roadster

    That ideas have no end, and of course that most riders wants to own something unique, that people turned to him and look up close, then the only choice is to extreme design motorcycles that are not produced in series and to remain faithful to its design. So something can be said for Vardenchi T5 Custom Roadster.

  • Viking by Lauge Jensen & Henrik Fisker

    Lauge Jensen is a Danish company about which you do not know much but produces custom motorcycles that were made just Ordered, now has joined forces with Henrik Fisker and presented the Viking Concept.

  • XTR Pepo by Monty

    The work and efforts of many artists in motorcycling should be taken with great seriousness and care especially when multiple parts of different types of motorcycle kits and one that is unique. Well here is worth mentioning one more such motorcycle that come in cafe racer style, Monty Laverda 500 Alpino'1978 by XTR Pepo.

  • Yamaha XJR1300 CS-06 Dissident

    Who have a greater honor than when for an anniversary date this time 20th, a particular model of motorcycle gets a unique look. So is the case with the model Yamaha XJR1300. Based on the ideas of the Portuguese custom builder Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos is originated the XJR1300 CS-06 Dissident.