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2016 Yamaha YZ 450F

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For the next season 2016 Yamaha engineers have made improvements on four-stroke engine, which will surely bring competitiveness to the motocross track other motorcycles. The new Yamaha YZ450F now boasts a novelty that brings to mind the new launch control system that optimizes engine output for quicker, smoother race starts every time.

The 2016 Yamaha YZ450F got different camshafts, which were meant to get more cultivated their power, gearbox and clutch are also improved and of course there is a new software for the Power Tuner, which is still part of the accessories. The water pump employs a new six-hole impeller seal with increased durability for long-term reliability. An innovative exhaust pipe design is adopted to increase mass centralization and improve power development characteristics.

Capacity of engine is 449cc, liquid-cooled with 4-stroke, 4 titanium valves, DOHC, and 5-speed gearbox. For a better sense of handling fuel tank and air cleaner box are closer to the center of the bike. Of course it should be noted the excellent KYB front and rear suspension and now huge 20 mm hydraulic brake disc than the disc fitted to the 2015 YZ450F and it on end embedded graphics which is for extended durability.

The new Yamaha YZ450F comes in Team Blue / White color and is available from June 2015 with a price of $ 8.590.

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