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Yamaha 04GEN Concept Scooter

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If at first word mentioned the new scooter, but certainly will not cause a curiosity for most, because what else we have not seen! Yet the futuristic design where mechanics is not in the first place but for Japanese manufacturers is the market of Southeast Asia is very important because on that, at the first Vietnam Motorcycle Show in Ho Chi Minh City presented its concept scooter called 04GEN.

New Yamaha 04GEN concept scooter is actually the fourth model GEN series, which uses it as a surprisingly effective alternative to the usual painted plastic. Its retro-futuristic style reminiscent of the Vespa 946, but at the same time, since it is a concept, however, goes to the new design extremes otherwise apparently inspired by the elegance of women.

Emphasizing the use of transparent materials which are not seen very often in the motorcycle industry, BLUE-CORE logo, under which Yamaha includes a new generation of fuel-efficient engine, a popular designer-mechanical moment represents the performance of the brakes, because at first glance appears to be equipped with drums, but more careful by observing the images we see single-piston calipers which suggests that within this housing is spinning disk.

The instrument panel is replaced by a smartphone, as far as the rest of the scooter engine / transmission / swingarm combination taken from those of Yamaha's existing models. So long and low overall silhouette with exterior designed in the motif of a swan, which consists of the frame that evokes the image of a woman of elegance, gives an interesting visual effect.

Of course, in this current form Yamaha 04GEN certainly will not experience serial production but we have to admit that leaves the impression of an attractive vision of the future scooter.

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