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Yamaha EC-03

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Brand new friendly attitude, although thin seems to be the wind blow from the road Yamaha EC-03 simply represents all its features and intent of what is designed. Urban, low energy, zero-emission gas, combined with top-notch features.

The Yamaha EC-03 has AC synchronous motor, which develops a maximum power of 1.4 kW at 2,550 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.6 Nm at 280 rpm, comes with a battery capacity of 15 Ah and voltage of 50 V. The battery type is Lithium-ion where the charging time 7 hours and final drive Sun & planet gear.

As for the frame is made of a backbone with the front suspension telescopic fork - coil spring with 50mm wheel travel and rear suspension of unit swing - coil spring, oil damper with 55 wheel travel. Front and rear tire is diameter of 60 / 100-12 and front and rear brake is mechanical leading trailing shoe brake - drum. Front drum inside dimension is 95mm and rear drum inside dimension is 150mm. Wet weight with battery is 56 kg.

Designed in way to enable driving under all those who like to drive scooters or motorcycles small displacement. It is a model that is designed primarily for urban newer generation because the cost of maintaining extremely low. Charging is done via a regular wall socket and in order to make the ride more interesting has a switch from Standard to Power mode at the touch of a button, electronic throttle built into the handlebar grip, digital LCD display keeps you alert to speed and battery levels, and electronic sound functions alert you to low battery or indicator use.

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