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Suzuki Biplane Concept

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Reflecting on the concept of a large number of motorcycles that usually appear on a motorcycle show and then go into oblivion or obtain modifications in order to be usable for street driving or racing or never see the light of day, and of them remains only a pale memory. Accordingly to remind ourselves and to another idea that emerged back in 2007 in Tokyo, Suzuki Biplane Concept.

The Suzuki Biplane Concept at the time, attracted a lot of attention and I suspect that many enthusiasts and collectors want to own something like that. The very idea and inspired design-wise by the classic Wright Brothers biplane. Motorcycles uses colors similar to the canvas often found on older aircraft, and the lack of any wind protection would also add the rider exposed to the elements - similar to the pilot of an open-top aircraft.

The Suzuki Biplane Concept to himself wore a semi-exposed V4 engine, front suspension and girder-type front end and steering comes similar to that found on the Confederate Wraith, while the design of fuel tank similar to the Suzuki Nuda concept which is appeared in 1986. However, there is partly covered rear wheel.

All in all, idea was a great success, but to date, unfortunately, we have not seen anything close to its version. That remains to continue to refresh our memory and take a look at the pictures.

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