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Suzuki SV 650 Rally Concept

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Although for the 2016 year made easier, more powerful and totally redesigned edition of economically-sports naked bike, SV 650, powered by well-known V2 engine of 645cc and power of 76hp. On the Osaka Motorcycle Show by the company Suzuki dawned another concept bike that brings the retro look of ancient 70s with rally car influence, and it's SV 650 Rally.

Suzuki SV 650 Rally concept further emphasizes the retro style, which already adorns the front end of the serial motorcycles, but this time added to the fog lights with plastic lids. We clearly see the circular light that has a protected grid, within which is now a brand new grille, while the side view shows the minimum plastic formwork.

Retro style highlight a clip-on steering wheel which on both ends receives mirrors, rounded front fender while the rear end respectively the rear seat somewhat too fashionable, but it does not diminish its timeless look.

Then there Yoshimura exhaust system with double-ended, Rally tags attached and nicer smaller details with the Suzuki logo on the seat unit written in Katakana characters.

Sometimes we wonder why Suzuki who has such good ideas sometimes waiting very much the realization of which is easy and they have never come into a real life! But for fans of Suzuki and café racer models SV 650 Rally would be a real treat if they possessed such a model.

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