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2015 Sherco Factory Special Edition Trials Model

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The 2015 Factory Special Edition Trials Model currently holds the title of best model Sherco trial class, of course, until the next season when it will be replaced by a newer and better model. It is well known that Factory models represent a best components assembled what Sherco has to offer.

New Factory Special Edition Trials Model now brings novelties which are in continuous development work in all segments starts of the chassis to engine and looks. Of course there are usually done only on a mild technical evolution. The frame is made from chrome-molybdenum alloy reinforced in the front, as well as the carriers fuel tank, exhaust system and footholds. Front fork is made of 100% aluminum and is now certainly one of the lightest on the market. Most prominent item is Ohlins shock absorber.

In addition, facilitated is axles and there is a new balancer shaft to reduce vibrations, it is also far easier cylinder head and gearbox and the cylinders were given different intake-exhaust ducts for better breathing two-stroke engine. The rims are anodized blue, the hubs and spokes are two bright yellow

The Factory Special Edition Trials Model has a special graphics and notes on white handlebar OXIA handlebar has a satin white finish, neon yellow is sublime and energizes the lines of the bike.

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