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2015 Norton Dominator SS

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British company Norton, which is well known for its retro model Commando and Domiracer motorcycle now presents a breathtaking blend of the past and the future once the British top brand in the form of the new Norton Dominator SS models.

The 2015 Norton Dominator SS is a design and conceptual close Domiracer model, powered by 961 cu-in, parallel twin engine that develops a maximum of 81 hp, currently intended only for closed circuits while for road use is still not known whether will be produced. Standard equipped with Öhlins suspension, modern design of the rear suspension with a single shock and Brembo monobloc brake calipers.

New Norton Dominator SS will start to be produced for the British market and in only 50 copies and then in 2015 and throughout the world as it should be taken with a small grain of salt since the Commando has only recently started exporting to California and Japan, while the next in line to be Australia. Price should be around £ 24,000.

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