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2016 Indian Jack Daniels Chief Vintage

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On the occasion of the jubilee 150th anniversary of one of the most famous distilleries all over the world, Jack Daniels, a US manufacturer of Indian motorcycles presented a limited edition under the name of Indian Jack Daniels Chief Vintage.

At the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Las Vegas, which takes place October 6-8 and will be sold but all proceeds will go to charity, entitled Operation Ride Home. As for the engine as well as the platform itself does not have any novelty so that it will use all that has so far Chief Vintage.

Compared to the standard Chief new series is distinguished by the fact that many elements of accessories have become standard, and there is a special Jack Daniels color combinations, as well as the occasional logo same manufacturer, including the one related to their most famous product Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey.

In addition to the United States, this limited edition Indian Jack Daniels Chief Vintage will be available across Europe, but only not will be available in France.

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