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Indian Black Bullet Scout

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Indian Motorcycles have a rich tradition, although recent generations is very possible that they are not familiar or don’t have a excessive knowledge. Brief review of the earlier (2013) Jeb Scolman from his workshop presented Spirit of Munro model that had installed the latest engine ThunderStroke 111 and tested on well-known Bonneville Salt Flats.

Now Jeb Scolman is made new model under the name Black Bullet Scout, who powered by 1200cc Indian Scout engine, and we have to say has a retro look motorcycles ancient 50's and 60's that have built up in order to overthrow speed records.

As for the overall look is adorned by a minimal body, tightly faired headlight, chopped rear fender, and a very short set of exhaust pipes, minimal seat, controls and shapes all lend themselves to the single mission of exploring this bike's top speed. Riding position of rider is stretched over the bike.

While not officially appeared on the Bonneville Salt Flats and tried to make a new record, his impressive emergence was present on the motorcycle festival in Sturgis last year.

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