2016 Husqvarna motocross line-up

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For the next season 2016 Husqvarna has prepared a novelty within their motocross models. A special emphasis on the design and performance improvement comes with the new 4-stroke models and refined 2-stroke TC125.

So now fans of off-road style can choose the all-new FC 450, FC 350 and FC 250 models. While these are all new improvements we must admit that we have some of that already seen in KTM motocross models.

Of course we're talking about Husqvarna and therefore should enumerate and present its details. Husqvarna motorcycles are equipped with new and distinctive graphics and paneling, specific three-part carbon fiber subframe which received the full kilogram of weight reduction and a new cast aluminum swingarm, and there are 4Cs WP front forks of the latest generation.

All 4-stroke models get a new Keihin engine management system processes data faster while a 44 mm throttle body which is compact and 100 grams lighter, new GSK brake discs, Pro Taper handlebars, ODI lock-on grips, new WP radiators, new 7-litre polythene fuel tanks, a new airbox design with tool-less air filter access, black DID rims, Dunlop MX52 tires, new for MY16 is launch control, integrated into the standard handlebar switch map.

Based on all this weight is visibly reduced and FC 450 has a 5.2 kg less than its predecessor, FC 350 is 4.7 kg less than the previous model and FC 250 has been lightened by 4.0 kg.

As for Husqvarna TC125 gets smaller engine then receives a new power valve and exhaust it has an increased power output from 38 hp to 40 hp and lighter than its predecessor to 3.2 kilograms.

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