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2015 Honda SFA Concept

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It is a little stale news of which I am writing now but still worth mentioning, and that is a concept that has attracted the attention of a lot of the motorcycle show in Osaka in Japan, Honda SFA Concept SFA. It is a nice streetfighter from 150cc, based on the engine mounted on the CB150R that offered in Indonesia.

Although much remains unknown Honda SFA Concept with regard to the design itself gets a nice and glossy two-tone matte finish, the dual-stacked headlights and the high-rising side mirrors. The frame is a mixture of a trellis front with a cast center section, twin LED headlights, alloy spoked wheels are particularly striking and gives a very cool overall style.

Although only a concept of price is not appropriate now reaching but judging by previous models and their prices assumption that could amount ranging from $ 4,500 to $ 4800.

Of course what the company Honda decided to place on different markets depends primarily on the assessment of the interest of customers. Therefore remains to wait a little longer to time showed in what direction to go with this particular model.

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