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2016 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept

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On the 32th Osaka Motor Show the light of day, she saw the new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept, which simply in this forms ready for serial production. Although it belongs to the vulnerable category of road enduro model announces an adventurous some future version that will be available to a broad market.

To date there are technical specifications but the base is already taken by a serial model (same engine, same chassis and most of the bodywork), while major changes easily visible to the eye. We recognize massive guard engine, now missing rev mirrors and turn signals, seat is made from a single piece, more elegant rear end below which take a position a high-up Termignoni exhaust systems and tubular luggage rack.

Off road tires that show that they can cope with all types of terrain, comes with switchable rear ABS and multi-mode Honda Selectable Torque Control and recognizable HRC color combinations, in order to remind us and returned to the roots of the first generation of Africa Twin bike.

According to some rumors, it is easy to expect that before the end of this year the Africa Twin Adventure Sports go into series production in view of the global demand for adventure and rally bikes.

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