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2016 Honda City Adventure

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In Milan last year, Honda introduced a completely new interpretation of the idea of motorcycling adventure in mind scooters City Adventure concept, which was very well disguised. So far, Honda has not offered any information on the model nor a statement whether it was just a study or will be the production model.

What we could see is robust and essentially attractive design, upside-down forks and dual front discs, which are in addition to test the prototype were paired with radial calipers. There are also arm guards, held high exhaust system, spoke wheels, while the assumption that City Adventure offers DCT transmission or version with semi-automatic gearbox with two clutches.

Of course this is a lot of assumptions, but if he kept this shape of new Honda scooter will include enduro features in addition and commitment to exploring new ways of creating unique technology to enhance and enrich its customers' lifestyles. It remains to wait until things are not crystallize and Honda does not publish complete information.

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