Zec00 Electric motorcycle

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The first idea is appeared about three years ago as a concept and is now officially ready for production but only in 49 units. This is a Japanese product as if it came out of a SiFi movie or a book, and it is likely to attract buyers of motorcycles in already the crowded motorcycle market. Introducing electric motorcycle called Zec00.

Zec00 powered by electric motor of 50 kW and torque of 144 Nm, which is made of Zero company used its own lithium-ion battery from 11.4 kWh. A top speed of 160 km / h with arange autonomy of 160 km. It takes 8 hours to charge from completely loaded with the tiny 1.3 kW on-board charger on a 110 V.

The hub-center steering is mated to a twin vertical frame, allowing the center of gravity to be shifted to accommodate the weight of the battery without dramatically affecting handling. Then polished aluminum alloy swing arms with a combination of color gives a very attractive look.

Zec00 is available from July with a price of US $ 72.530.

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