Chop-E electric mini-bike

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As each new idea which is this unique demands boldness, innovation, to be practical, stylish unique and of course affordable. That came on the scene extreme electric bike ever made. His name was Chop-E and designed by the young group of Estonians.

Chop-E is awesome electric two-wheeler with a unique design, with its whole look like a bicycle but has no pedals, rear wide tire and front fork on the chopper but again is not it. The whole frame is extended and is 2 meters, the front tire is 20" and 3" wide tire while the rear wheels of 18" alloy rim (rim is replica of the VW Scirocco style) with 240/40/18 Pirelli Diablo tire.

Power of electric motor is 1 kW which means that about 1:36 hp while the battery is located in the housing on the left side of 20Ah, 16x LiFePo4 elements, 48 V, with a total weight of 65 kg. It develops a maximum speed of 35 km / h and a single charge can travel as much as 55 km.

So this group of people through Kickstarter just trying to start production.

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