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2017 BMW C Evolution

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It was first introduced in 2012 but has since received substantial improvements, which benefits the battery modules of the latest generation, a design that embodies the future, more riding pleasure and more range. Thus begins presenting a modern new BMW C Evolution scooter.

The big news is that they now offer two models where the drive train swing arm with liquid-cooled alternator, permanently excited synchronous machine with surface magnets, internal rotor, which have a maximum power of 47 hp (35 kW) at 4650 rpm and torque of 72 Nm at 4500 rpm. It has automatic recuperation when coasting and braking. A top speed of 129 km / h, where the acceleration of 0-100 km // h in 6.8 seconds, while the range about 160 km.

The basic model is one of the A1 category, and has a continuous power of 15 hp (11 kW) and an electronically limited top speed of 120 km / h, while the range remained unchanged 100km.

The battery itself is air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage with the voltage of 133 V, charging time on standard outlet was 4.30 hours for 100% and 80% about 3.50 h while the rapid charger (Mode3 cable) about 3 , 50 h for 100% and 80% approximately 3.05 h.

Drivetrain swing arm with toothed belt and the ring gear transmission to the rear axle.

It comes with a hybrid chassis with die-cast aluminum load-bearing battery casing, bolt-on tubular-steel stearing head carrier and rear frame, where the front suspension of USD 40 mm and 120 mm wheel travel and rear suspension of single-sided swing arm direct-link spring strut, spring pre-load manually adjustable over 7 settings with 115 mm wheel travel. There are cast aluminum wheels of 15" (front tire of 120/70 and rear tire of 160/60). Unladen weight is 275 kg, where the permitted weight up to 445 kg.

The appearance of the new BME C Evolution is still futuristic, where the looks of the standard BMW Motorrad LED daytime running lights, LED lights and the big TFT display emphasize the technological lead.

All in all this maxi scooter is very alluring and striking wherever it appears and it should add a high-quality processing and excellent details like the colored bench seams or the tinted windshield complete the design.

The 2017 BMW C Evolution scooter will be available Ionic Silver Metallic / Electric Green and Blackstorm Metallic.

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