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BMW eRR Concept

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As more we are entering an era in which the primacy of the market take over electric motorcycles so the major motorcycle companies are racing to come up with new ideas, solutions, innovative design, good performance and finally to have the greatest possible autonomy. So that's BMW introduced the eRR concept at last year's EICMA.

The BMW eRR concept is still the idea but designed on the basis of the model S1000RR, which is aspiring to become like a superbike internal combustion engines, which will power the electric motor! Of course it's not so far from the real situation, because we know that BMW C Evolution scooter accelerates from 0 to 60 km / h more than mentioned S1000RR which possesses 199 hp.

To remin that the company BMW with great success presented their models of electric cars i3 and i8, and the aforementioned C scooter Evolution, so that the experience in electric models have quite enough. Specifications of eRR concept is not known but with great care we will be monitor and the expected news from the Bavarians in terms of electric super sports motorcycles.

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