Vanguard Roadster

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Here now we are talking about a very interesting and futuristic motorcycle that work is made of Edward Jacobs, who is also the co-founder of Vanguard manufacturer with place, no less than in Brooklyn.

American Vanguard now is the counterpart to the manufacturer Confederate which produced motorcycles with great originality and the desire for spectacular and have always been somewhat positively weird. Now to some extent explains things, since Edward Jacobs once worked for Confederate.

Design Vanguard Roadster is very very interesting in many ways, starting with the structure itself consisting of three large parts, but apparently all this is connected with only 5 screws. The central part is of the complete powertrain, with the S&S X-Wedge engine as the main load-bearing element, and 6-speed transmission, a one-armed fork with integrated joint and hidden shock absorber. On the front side to it all builds fork, and the top of the flat platform on which we find carbon fuel tank and seat.

Modified S&S X-Wedge engine that has reduce curb weight and improve rigidity with displacement of 1917cc (117 cu-in), 56.25 degree V-twin designed entirely in-house at the S&S with 110 ft-lbs of torque. Power sends on rear wheel via a six-speed transmission and a low-maintenance shaft drive.

Front suspension is Ohlins 48mm fully adjustable forks and Öhlins monoshock hidden on the rear. For the braking system was chosen Brembo with 4-piston calipers on the front and a single two-piston caliper on the rear. Fuel tank is made of carbon fiber with capacity of 21 liters. Weight Vanguard Roadster is 250 kg.

The Vanguard company plans that this platform be use as a modular and on this basis to produce three different models Roadster, Cruiser, and Racer. Price Vanguard Roadster should amount to $ 30,000. According to the company such a price is possible because it had the minimum number of required parts, because the idea that no detail is not only form but also has a useful function.

Looking at holes provided on the side of the seat can speak to the die openings at a hidden exhaust, heat that comes from the same, can be used as a seat heater. We assume that the production model will not be with camera as this functional prototype, but ordinary mirrors.

Planned delivery of the finished model would have to start from 2018 years.

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