APWorks - Light Rider

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Airbus German subsidiary APWorks took the opportunity to with bionic algorithms define the organic frame structure of the new motorcycle. Whit this aerospace approach made the excellent characteristics that are reflected in the superb stiffness and guarantees optimal use of the material. Name is Light Rider.

APWorks Light Rider created with 3D printing with powder aluminum alloy Scalmalloy, which reportedly combines the lightness of aluminum with the strength of titanium, which is often used in robotic parts and aerospace applications in corroborated weight of only 35 kg.

Frame construction is very unusual and a hollow formed by the application of thousands of only 30 µm thin layers mentioned powder, according to claim APWorks is 30% lighter than motorcycles made using standard materials and manufacturing techniques.

Is powered by an electric motor 6 kW (8.1 hp) while peak torque of 130 Nm and has an autonomy of 60 km. It develops the maximum speed of 80 km / h until 0-45 km / h achieved in 3 seconds.

The Light Rider will be produced in only 50 units, which will be retail online for € 50,000.

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