Tron Light Cycle

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None of us motorcyclists who did not wish a unique and exceptional motorcycle at least for a moment, that the transit and leave the passionate impression on all the encounters. This is a short story about the Tron Light Cycle, which has Paul Andrews, who as many of you know, is one of the most well-known automotive collectors in America.

Present something like this is very ungrateful and yet unique and any information about the motorcycle is significant as novelty or at least I think so. Tron Light Cycle is an all-electric cycle that can be ridden. It features a 96-volt, direct drive electric motor with lithium batteries, and computer-controlled throttle and is mated to computer-controlled digital electronic transmission.

The bike is finished in black with a white strip, has rebound and compression damping with spring-preload front suspension and rigid rear suspension with front and rear hydraulic brakes. It comes with a very low seat around 28.5" which should allow easy ride at low speeds.

This futuristic motorcycles represent some of the more recent era of electronics and mechanics and all rare collectors will be a treat to be in possession of a personal collection. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to learn something like this bike for the first time appeared in the film as far back as 1982 years under the name of Tron where the main actor as a computer hacker who was transported into a virtual battlefield. Continued once popular movie shown in 2010.

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