electric motorcycles

  • 2016 Energica EVA

    This is the second time that the Italian company presented its electric streetfighter motorcycle EVA. More precisely a year ago presented a prototype EVA. This is second product of the Italian company Energica, which during 2015 finally began sales of the EGO, the sports motorcycle driven by an electric motor.

  • 2016 Zero FXS

    One of the nice news is the wide range of electric motorcycles Zero. Now comes with another version of supermoto FXS. Model for the year 2016 gets a new steering wheel, which is higher, new batteries 14% higher capacity.

  • 2017 BMW C Evolution

    It was first introduced in 2012 but has since received substantial improvements, which benefits the battery modules of the latest generation, a design that embodies the future, more riding pleasure and more range. Thus begins presenting a modern new BMW C Evolution scooter.

  • APWorks - Light Rider

    Airbus German subsidiary APWorks took the opportunity to with bionic algorithms define the organic frame structure of the new motorcycle. Whit this aerospace approach made the excellent characteristics that are reflected in the superb stiffness and guarantees optimal use of the material. Name is Light Rider.

  • BMW eRR Concept

    As more we are entering an era in which the primacy of the market take over electric motorcycles so the major motorcycle companies are racing to come up with new ideas, solutions, innovative design, good performance and finally to have the greatest possible autonomy. So that's BMW introduced the eRR concept at last year's EICMA.

  • Chop-E electric mini-bike

    As each new idea which is this unique demands boldness, innovation, to be practical, stylish unique and of course affordable. That came on the scene extreme electric bike ever made. His name was Chop-E and designed by the young group of Estonians.

  • Yamaha EC-03

    Brand new friendly attitude, although thin seems to be the wind blow from the road Yamaha EC-03 simply represents all its features and intent of what is designed. Urban, low energy, zero-emission gas, combined with top-notch features.