new honda

  • 2016 Honda CB500X

    Motorcycle that provides comfort, versatility, a lot of power for everything from adventure rides to sports touring, we're talking about Honda CB500X. In the year 2016 gets more dynamic design with front and rear LED lights, as well as better protection from the wind on the name of the new windscreen, which rose by 100 mm and a hinged fuel tank filler cap.

  • 2016 Honda MSX125

    The smallest and also the most economical streetfighter by Honda for the coming season is radically redesigned, while the latter update for model MSX125 now has a completely new face, gets a more aggressive look thanks to the installation of original and attractive front masks.

  • 2017 Honda Rebel 500

    Combining a blend of tradition with new ideas and the latest technologies it is a Honda's new model under the name Rebel 500, which is by the minimalist good looks, superb style and good performance shoot on most younger generation.

  • 2018 Honda Civic Type R

    Although it is presented by more than a year by the Honda company is now shown successor, the concept version that should appear on the market at the beginning of 2018 years if not earlier.