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2017 Ferrari J50

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By Ferrari Special Project team created a new exclusive model for the purpose of marking half a century of operations in the country of the rising sun who called Ferrari J50, which was shown at the National Art Center in Tokyo.

New Ferrari J50 presents futuristic design language, which the limited series which is planned to be produced (only 10 units) fits the design spirit of the 60's and 70's because it comes targa / roadster with mid-rear-engine with two- seater, based on the current 488 Spider.

But in order to distinguish it from the older brother design is a completely revised and is visible nose who is extremely low with sharper looking front mass underlined by the full LED headlights and he may provide attractive lines backwards. Line side seems only a few tens of centimeters from the ground, while the shoulder line is adorned with powerful curved line that continues to the rear. Lower front windshield allows expressive flow of air over the car, as a front and rear spoilers. Behind the seats stands aerodynamic surface that fills the gap between the seat and it is made of carbon fiber. Stands at 20" forged rims of unique design.
The interior cabin has a specific trim with sports seats dominated by red-over-white color and fine leather and Alcantara with appropriate signatures of models.

Under the hood is provided with 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engine maximum power of 690 hp.

Of course each copy Ferrari J50 will be tailored specifically to the customer's requirements.

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