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Citroen DS Revival Concept

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The legendary version of the car that remembers well the older generation and are produced back in 1955, wrote a history of innovation for French vehicles, which are then given the true status of luxury and elegance and was known as Shark. This is a story based on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Citroën DS line.

In order to pay tribute to this mythical car, a French designer Jean-Luis Bui and his modest experience in creating and designing cars from over twenty five years, working at Etud-integral, a Paris based company dedicated to the production of functional prototypes, presented his seeing that long ago produced a model that has brought the name of DS Revival Concept.

The Citroen DS Revival Concept is also based on other legendary models such as the Citroen SM and Citroen CX. Modern reincarnation embodies futurism and aerodynamics, which is the ultimate innovation very strong. The whole project is very interesting, in which intertwine extravagance, luxury, large number of sharp lines that provide a sense of length and aggressiveness that is not excessive prevailed sportiness. Although we do not have many details regarding the new Shark, we still think it's worth mentioning. Now we leave you to enjoy these photographs available below.

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