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Citroen e-Mehari by Courrèges Concept

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Although we have already written on the subject of the Citroen cute little electric car that was presented last year in Paris, now for Moto Show in Geneva aimed debut slightly modified versions, entitled e-Mehari by Courrèges concept.

The Citroen e-Mehari by Courrèges concept of the project in which it overlaps vision and modern creations and elements from the sixties, which will certainly bring a lot of fun and complete freedom to deliver its own interpretation of the car caused by Courrèges.

This is about the play of colors and materials focused on the color White or there's just a strip and bright Orange, for contrast, the wheels to come and underscore the design of the central safety hoop. The rear hoop is replaced by two side straps, to free up even more space, then a Plexiglas roof with a frosted finish and rear flap for accessing the boot area opens on an exclusive line of luggage, including 3 models made of White leather and bright Orange vinyl trim.
The interior also follows the white color, while Orange color stands out details of where vinyl trim running across the dashboard and along the characteristically shaped air vents, as well as the single-spoke, monochrome steering wheel.

The drive unit is the same as for the excellent Citroen e-Mehari constituting an electric motor of 68 hp and a lithium-ion battery of 30 kWh, with an autonomy of 200 km and a top speed of 100 km/h.

The look of the Citroen e-Mehari by Courrèges concept will certainly be an attraction at the upcoming Mot Show presentation.

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