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2017 Chrysler Portal Concept

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That the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every year more and more interesting, shows concepts which appear, as companies want to compete to attract more customers to its innovative models. On this basis, Chrysler presents is a compact electric minivan very inspiring and very futuristic, and carry name Portal.

The 2017 Chrysler Portal concept is a fully electric vehicle with technology autonomous driving, where power of one electric motor goes to the front wheels and is connected with a lithium-ion battery, which is located in the floor, the power of 100 kWh. The autonomy full battery is 402 km, and with the help of DC fast chargers for less than 20 minutes can be filled for a range of 241 km.

This minivan preferred inner space that is very spacious, has easier access because of giant double-sliding doors while its compact size provides benefits in the city. The wheelbase is 3002 mm, and can accommodate six passengers, while the interior is modern and tech-friendly, with high quality materials. When you enter, you will be surrounded in a minimalist space equipped with full of LCD screens. The seats can be configured because they are mounted on rails, so that a gives generous space.

Within driving, and incorporates the latest technology should be mentioned and a big windscreen and panoramic glass roof, as well as advanced sensor systems, cameras, radar, ultrasound technology, voice-biometric system, intercom system for travelers include SAE Level Three autonomous driving.

The Chrysler Portal Concept from the point of view of the exterior is similar to the French vehicles in this segment, but in any case the idea is more than perfect and what else will change in the future to the production car remains to be seen.

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