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BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

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The company BMW has celebrated its 100 years of existence and based on that presented her a vision of the future in the form of Next Vision 100 concept. It is a very autonomous vehicle but does not preclude the driver.

Next BMW Vision 100 concept has a body of carbon fiber and composite material made of 800 mobile elements in the form of triangles (the built-in panel with instruments and parts of the side panel), then the organic LED lighting that moves, lack of B-pillar and door open to up. Good characteristics are reflected in the very low drag coefficient of 0.18 Cd, which contribute to a special flexible covering for wheels, while the length 4900mm and height is 1370mm.

Interior Vision Next 100 concept is made from recycled and renewable materials, as well as a system of autonomous driving, at the same time there is "Boost and Ease" mode. In the first mode a driver has control of the vehicle while the second mode works like a car with auto-pilot and interior changes, steering wheel and center console are withdrawn, and seats can become one. Inside the cabin there is no screen, since all the information projected on to the windshield.

As for the power units BMW company has not announced any features in all probability because it is not sure in which direction it will develop future engine.
BMW Vision Next 100 concept is only one of the four concepts that BMW Group is planning, for the first hand, this concept its will be shown on the motor show in America, China and the UK. Also will be presented in June Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary, followed by the concepts of the Mini and BMW Motorrad.

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