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2017 Audi A6L e-tron

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When it comes to the Audi immediately we have in mind a lot of luxury, space, sports performance and, above all, security. And so it is for the special Chinese market Developed sedan Audi A6L e-tron. Production of a plug-in limousines will be organized in the manufacturing plants of the Chinese company FAW-Volkswagen in Changshun.

First let's look at the advantages offered by the Audi A6 series. Sophisticated and elegant design with plenty of space for the driver and passenger as well as for travelers, rich interior with the use of high quality materials and quipped and advanced infotainment. This plug-in hybrid model has a distinct set of wheels from 18", LED lights, which are located in the area around the air intakes, the diffuser conceals the exhaust system tailpipes and e-tron badges adorn the fenders and the trunk lid.

The 2017 Audi A6L e-tron has a 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder gasoline engine that develops 211 hp and torque of 350 Nm and a disc-shaped electric motor that produces 91 kW and torque of 220 Nm and is mated to eight-speed tiptronic gearbox . Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds and top speed is 210 km / h. The petrol engine has a fuel consumption of 2.2 liters per 100 km and CO2 emissions of 52 g / km and has a range of 880 km with electric engine.

Only the electric motor can achieve a speed of 135 km / h which is powered by lithium-ion batteries that have an output of 14.1 kWh and occupy a space of 340 liters in the trunk. The range of the electrical drive is 50 km, when the batteries run out on specil cells can be recharged for two hours while the conventional household outlet takes more than eight hours.

The interior of the Audi A6L e-tron is also oriented toward the Chinese market, the dashboard provides detailed information about the status of the drivetrain and the battery charge and the driver is also given the option of displaying information pertaining to the drivetrain and battery on the MMI screen.

As for prices, according to some findings will be approximately like a regular A6 hybrid or about $ 103,000.

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