Faraday Future FF 91

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In Las Vegas at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, the company Faraday Future, which was based on producing only electric-powered cars, presented its model under the name FF 91, which would reportedly expected to be available from 2018.

Faraday Future FF 91 is a vehicle with drive to all four wheels, which is driven by three electric motors, while the energy received from the battery of 130 kWh, which is the largest so far built-in battery in one serial cars. This impressive crossover has even 1050 horse power and maximum torque of 1800 Nm, while acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 2.39 seconds. Based on the numbers faster than the Tesla model S P100D who from 60mph achieve to 2.4 seconds.

As for the sizable battery capacity declared autonomy at a constant ride of 80 km / h reaches 700 km. Also, the FF 91 is equipped with an open charging system, which means that it adapts to any standard electrical source, and to supplement the battery of 50% up to full power, it is necessary to 4h and 30 min, using the home network and the voltage of 240 V.

Since Faraday Future looks far into the future, FF 91 is based on the Variable Propulsion Architecture platform, which is modular and can serve as a basis for other potential models.

FF 91 is equipped with interesting features such as individual learning preferences of drivers, which car then better adapts to the wishes of the owner, then more than 30 camera-sensor and LiDAR system, which is positioned on the hood, and is activated when the automatic driving cars, self parking system, allowing the driver to exit the vehicle, activate the application and left the car to park itself, after which receives a message that parking is completed.

f driver want to enter in the car used buttons on the screen that are based on a special FFID code for each car owner. FFID remembers the seating position of each person, as well as the playlist of songs, there is a panoramic roof and auto glass, and two antennas for Wi-Fi network, and reclining rear seat to an unprecedented 60 degrees.

According to unofficial information, the price will be around $ 180,000 and there is a possibility that the interested buyers registered on the official website of the Faraday Future, create your FFID profile and pay $ 5,000 as a deposit, and on the basis of the first 300 cars who will be produced, they got a name Alliance Edition model.

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