Volkswagen T1 Revival Concept

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For now just render, one of imagination work of enthusiasts and automotive designers who managed to complete the retro elements long ago produced and probably the most popular vans ever - the famous Volkswagen Type 2.

In this way David Obendorfer showed his vision and interesting solutions that may in the near future could be converted into a production model, but for now called Volkswagen T1 Revival Concept.

When designing a new model, the guiding principle is a retro design just as it did with the legendary Fiat 500 model, or a Volkswagen with the popular Beetle.

Volkswagen T1 Revival Concept based on the current platform Transporter T6, with the wheelbase is increased to 70mm, so that the dimensions (length - 4848mm, width - 1983mm, height - wheelbase and 1905mm - 3070mm).

But that's not all in the retro design shows the interior of which has a touch of the latest technology but at the same time, noticeable step forward compared to the current Volkswagen solutions, which mainly put convenience above all.

For now, all this talk is on paper or whether something will happen remains to be seen in a relatively short time.

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