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2016 Skoda VisionS Concept

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The new design direction, which is an excellent idea transformed into a beautiful form of SUV models, normally used MQB platform of the VW group, the Skoda unveiled its VisionS Concept - electric vehicle that is planned for production in the coming years

The 2016 Skoda VisionS Concept looks at the future in a way that all the outer edges and lines look clean, accurate and sharp and crystal elements emphasize the exterior, while the interaction of light and shadow creates a powerful effect on the extremely slanted surfaces.

The front end features a wide, trapezoid grille with upright struts shape the face together with the four flat, highly set of LED headlights, logo and vertical supports in the grille, and characterized by the crystal elements. Looking at the side wheel arches are angular but gives a picture as off-road vehicle, the roof line that quickly falls with long spoiler and retractable rear end gives the feeling that the SUV on the move. Rear part also is perfectly designed where the tail lights are C-shaped a with the rear lights and continues to the flat reflectors positioned within the rear bumper, while the lower part of the diffuser we can see two chrome exhaust pipes. Overall picture adorned five-spoke wheel design is aerodynamically inspired of 21".

The VisionS has a length of 4700mm, width 1910mm, height 1680mm while the wheelbase 2790mm. Based on these dimensions of the interior has enough room to accommodate six passengers and generous luggage compartment volume of 460 liters.

Interior is a comfortable, stylish elegantly designed, space is divided symmetrically so that all have enough space, using a light-gray Nappa leather with dark blue leather patterns combined with Ultrasuede emphasize the interior's classy look. The center place of console occupied by two 16" display properly distributed, while the central console includes a third display. Not to be forgotten passengers also are equipped with the displays and the second and third row of seats can be found in the head rests.

Under the hood will be the strongest variant a plug in hybrid engine which will develop power of 225 hp (165 kW), will have an acceleration of 7.4 seconds from 0-100 km, while the maximum speed was 200 km / h. By using only the electric motor will have a range of 50 km, while combined can have a range of 1000 km, with the AWD.

It will also be offered with the 1.4 TSI engine power 156 hp (115 kW) and torque of 250 Nm in combination with electric motor of 40 kW and torque of 220 Nm, mated to a 6-speed DSG transmission. The second electric motor will have an output of 85 kW and torque of 270 Nm which powers the rear axle. The driver can choose several ways modes, while the lithium-ion battery capacity of 12.4 kW, which is located on the axles.

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