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2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept

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The night before the opening of the New York International Auto Show, Lincoln's press release of their latest version of the luxurious full-size SUV that basically announces a new generation and it's Navigator concept. The big surprise is certainly gullwing doors, but is that going to get a production model remained to be seen.

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator concept draws inspiration from luxury yachts, and therefore has made a new chassis, under the hood will be a 3.5-liter, V6 engine EcoBoost with more than 400hp usable power.

The modern exterior lines overlap Storm Blue paint and next gullwing doors, the focus is on three steps for easier entry and spacious interior with 6 seats, which exudes luxury, quality final treatment with light blue leather and teak finishes. The seats have the ability to adjust to as many as 30 different positions in order to offer the best possible conditions for everyone.

The latest technology is taken from the Ford and hence the driver has a choice of drive modes several to improve ride and handling also including, suspension and noise levels where each mode is accompanied by a matching digital animation in the cluster. In front of the driver is placed a large panel screen that can be customized from a digital touch screen housed in the center stack.
From the safety of technical details Lincoln Concept has a Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection, the camera of 360 degrees, improved parking assist system and lane-keeping system. For travelers provided the WiFi connection and monitors that are integrated into driver and front passenger the head restraint.

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